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week 7: L Y C E U M

my second home.

so much memories that I can remember when the topic is lyceum.

I spent most of my time there.

I meet my half heart, my baradz, my mma, my cas, my lte family & other friends :)

LYCEUM is the place where I can express my self & learned not just a academic but how to be strong individual :)

no matter what happen I AM A LYCEAN! 



LTE family :)

my kambal lewl.

of course BARADZ :)

week 6: THE FORT :)

haha! can’t forget that experienced with jasmin & rej :)

I had the best travel with them :)

actually while we are on our way to makati we still have no one to be interviewed haha. :) 

thank God for my friend ej atienza he suggested us the company ” HOLY COW animation “.

bebz: pre may alam ka bang animation company or any related sa multimedia?

ej: holy cow.

bebz: bakit mu ko minumura? 

ej: hahaha! aun ung name ng company.

actually im not that familiar to makati although that is my home town haha.

dang! it’s was then 2 pm that we don’t have or lunch because it’s almost a lunchtime when we left laguna.

but God is so GOOD! BUS+MRT+BUS+TAXI tadaaaa!

& I can’t forget manong taxi haha! ” jolibi “

@ the fort already.

(nagtanong sa guard) The Fort Legend Tower”

bebz: good pm po san po banda ung holy cow company?

guard: sa 10th floor.

weeeeeeee! thank God we easily find the company as in :DD we looked so stupid dancing while we crossed the street.

at first the company didn’t allow us to make an interview because they told us to 1st make a letter :c

but God is so GOOD! we decide to find other animation company.

2nd company waahh! I can’t remember the name of that company haha. He is an american ” hey girls com here chever chever he ask us what is out intension chever blah blah ” but in the end he just said they are busy. & btw he told me ” I like your hair ” lewl.

3rd company ” Galilee ” the assistant of the company approach us that she can help us. she recommend their web programmer but we need to wait for there boss to leave haha. we decide to wait @ the lobby. but we waited on the comfort room 2 the 10th floor for almost an hor we do silly things haha. after a long time of chever we already interview the web programmer.


we still go back to ” holy cow ” & again thank God they allowed us to make an interview to their animator.

after that interview we had a fun travel going back to SM makati :)

& we saw Heart Evangelista, Isabel Oli & Georgina.

& that day it was my first time to visit Mineski Infinity :)

week 5 - best thing about CAS :)

rawr! actually being part of CAS is such a blessing for me haha.

it’s just because I really express my true color.

not just like a simple student but a friendly person as a transferee im easily adjust to my surroundings & to a group of people haha. :)

for the 1st time I joined cheering competition.

I <3 CAS! :)


actually im not so much affected about new set of members :)

because since 1st yr that miss A make a group every projects then 1st yr 2nd sem I’ve learned to adjust myself in relating with my old group & my new one.

when miss A told that there will be a new groupings my reaction was ” ohhh grabee ang bilis ata magbago ng groupings di ko pa masyado nakakabonding ang team 1 :( ” but that’s life :P!

I’m looking forward to have a great relationship to my new mate jasmin & rej :)!

I need to put extra effort in every projects because in past groupings there were 5 to 6 member per group but now 3 member per group >.<.

to be honest this sem is so CHALLENGING when miss A unite MARK,ANDREW & NER >:DD! I told to myself ” urrrggghh We must prove to miss A that we can still make our projects more creative & we can make what they can do ” :)!

AJA! for my NEW GROUPS! I <3 U! 

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I can’t explain how I was blessed to have those MMA friends.

I can’t forget the 1st day of class during 1st yr 1st sem.

that day is unforgettable wanna know y guys?

These friends are easily I getting along with I even feel comfortable with them :)

which is opposite from my 1st day during my previous course.

maybe because we have same interest.

I feel like I’ve returned in my high school days :)!

where the relationship each other is so close just like the way im treated by my biological siblings concern to each other in the unity within the group.

although im not in the mood they know how to make my day turned to GV!

during my BROKEN days they make me feel that they LOVE me so much! hahahaha! cry.cry.cry! 

I can’t forget those overnights because of PROJECTSSSSSSSS! :DD

And I’ve learned this thing ” TRIAL & ERROR ” not only in all projects that we worked on but in all aspect hahahahaha.

I <3 U MMA! :DD



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chocolatessssssss! :)

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that’s y I really LOVE CHOCOLATES especially KIT KAT :)

Bob Ong ♥


so yeah, im writing here again freestyle because of this magnificent author pen-named “Bob Ong”.

he’s a really cool writer. recently i was reading his book titled “Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan”. im not really sure if the title was correct but it goes like that.

i can really relate of the situations being portrayed on the story. i mean i know what is a heartbreak and what goes through it, yes, because the main character was kinda dumped after some significant time of their relation for no apparent reason… 

and, the other situation of the character for the academics and the household is quite a mix of mine and some people i know. his life was like full of bad luck, may it be on the house or the school, it was full of problems. 

on the household, after 1 command, another person would ask, then it gets stacked until they get angry at him for not finishing one because he was getting drowned by requests.

the school sit is quite like mine, you can feel the pressure from reading the assignments when you dont have any idea about it, and then the typical teacher characters thats making you nuts. im so fucking relating to this,

if you might spot me holding to a purple small book, its no surprise if your going to see a bag of mix emotions of suddenly slapping my leg from anger, tsk tsk tsking, brrrp laughing and all. the way the composition was done as i just realized was magnificent, it takes you from one emotion to another in a very quick manner. i guess its the immersion of the author that makes his way delivering his sentence more effective, because its so so true situations.

btw, i was like this writing all this as well, was because of him Bob Ong. i was quite inspired writing just whatever. the main character of that book was required to write journals and in the end left him liking the task. so here i am also, was quite inspired of the joys of writing and doing the initial step. :)))

i havent finished the book yet, but im quite scared already. everyone who has red the book are all warning me about how the story ends.. hahaha. lets see.

MAMA please don’t.


Abortion is an old time issue and considered as one of the institutional problem among Christian country so hard to prevent but really existing even with the strict implementation of law against it but in some nation it is rampant and wide spread.         Females have their own reason why they commit abortion, some said to prevent so much children in the family, some our unprepared to be a mother other’s said it’s just a product of pre-marital sex, some our just a victim of rape and lastly some said it can be a hindrance in their career specially those in showbiz and entertainment world.

   If these young girls and women have their own reason for abortion, it’s all because they reasoned it out for their own advantage and convenience. They just think of themselves and whatever is the best for them, but do they think on the other side while on the womb, what will the baby FEELS and THINKS about their intentional killing for him? Do they know that the baby have the right to live with or without the permission of his mother? If the baby can speak for himself maybe he will tell his mother to let him see the beauty of the world, let him enjoy his life with his family and friends, let him dream for his future and fulfilled it let him live the life that God has given unto him but because he can do nothing to stop his mother of doing abortion how can he says ” MOTHER PLEASE DON’T DO IT “.

   If only those who commit abortion feared God, knows the importance of LIFE and only God has the authority to take it away, if only they know it’s the sin, if only they are not selfish only thinking of themselves and their benefits NO ABORTION WILL TAKES PLACE.